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This website/blog has been set up for many purposes; the main one being that I need to have a central location for everything pertaining to Gregory C. Vilfranc and the Vilfranc sound (whatever that is).  I like to think of myself as an audio mad scientist and a musical neurosurgeon as both titles have to do with being extremely meticulous and driven while also maintaining a strong sense of spontaneity and child-like creativity.  I also like to think of myself as being a visionary who is always thinking of how to position his pawns to become greater (Yes, I do love to play chess).  Case in point:  I’m currently enrolled at Full Sail University as a Game Design student and a few people didn’t understand why a musician/audio guy would make this move instead of choosing to study music or sound technology.  The truth of the matter isn’t just based on how far video games have come rivaling the big budgets of many blockbuster films.  It really boiled down to taking 3 things I loved (Music, Audio and games) and combining them creatively into something fresh and new.  Naturally I want to create a future for my son, but I more so want to build a legacy for him.  Taking this challenge makes perfect sense in my strategy of moves for a checkmate in this life.

I’ve spent an entire lifetime expressing myself through music and sound and knew a long time ago that this was how I wanted to make a living for my family and never work a day in my life; well, that is if you don’t count my childhood dream of making it to the NBA.  These days are spent having several creative sessions with my also creative wife (She’s Awesome) and taking cues on the meanings of life from my 2.5 year old phenom of a son.

I’m in a constant state of learning that I fight daily not to be pulled from.  I love engaging in riveting conversations with just about anyone and always look forward to meeting just one more person who’s life I can enrich as well as them empowering mine.  I view professionalism in a very holistic manner and prefer to treat every meeting, interview and connection as though it’s a new and unique opportunity that I’ve never experienced before.  I don’t copy and paste cover letters or resumes and I’m actually becoming quite amused with the file system I’ve set up categorizing the jobs I’ve applied for just this year alone.

I enjoy marching to the beat of my own drum, which is just a fancy way of saying I work well by myself, but I also enjoy teaching others how to catch the rhythm of what it is that I’m playing; another fancy way of saying I love being a part of a team.  I hope this site entertains and educates you on the brain-trust that simply is me; Gregory Charles Vilfranc.

Happy Investigating!  And don’t forget to reach out!
Gregory C. Vilfranc

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